Cv/gate Dc-Offset Samples For Modular / Analog Synth Control

Has anyone else already created a sample-pack of CV / Gate Renoise instruments for the purposes of controlling a modular or CV/gate instrument? I’m conducting the tedious task of hand-tuning each sample (1 per key, stereo) against a Cwejman VCO-6, VCO-2RM, and MMF-1. The CV scaling should be fairly portable for other 1V/oct instruments, you might only need to move your center or scaling (both can be done using DSP devices).

If people are interested I’ll throw them up here when I’m done.

Anyone else have packs they want to share?
FYI: the modus operandi is rather simple, for each key:

  • Stereo sample, 1 samples long, 48khz, 32bit.
  • Left channel is CV
  • Right channel is gate.
  • Left/Right channels have samples 1 and 3 and zero.
  • Left channel sample 2 contains DC offset
  • Right channel sample 2 contains full DC (gate)
  • Loop samples 2-3 FWD[/s]

I considered using the DC-offset DSP device, but the lack of simple panning controls was a non-starter (ie: try sharing 2 DC-offset devices per track).

Attached is both a CV builder song, contains the +/- 4.5V CV/gate/trigger instrument as well as a test tuner. The CV/gate/trigger instrument contains 1 trigger region, 1 gate region (pick one), and a region per key C0 to F#8. All samples have been tuned to be within .001V of their target value, you will probably experience voltage drift on your interface, a DSP DC Offset device should fix this. Be sure to route the channel handling the CV/gate stream to an output other than your master, or you might damage your speakers.
+/- 4.5V CV/gate/trigger Instrument
CV Builder Instrument with Example and Tuner

The DC voltage tuning table:
CV to Notes to Volts on a MOTU 828mkii

The final modus operandi was a bit different:

  • 1 Sample of ~5 samples long, 11khz, 8bit looping 4 samples for gate.
  • 1 Sample of ~5 samples long, 11khz, 8bit trigger no loop
  • N samples, 1 per key, 11khz 32bit, 1 sample long, looping, single sample tuned to exact DC value.

An example video is coming… sometime…

i would like to try it! :slight_smile:

Update: I’ve prepared a variety of instruments optimized for certain usages, I’ve found that a single instrument for CV/gate is not suitable. For example, if you are using this instrument with an ADSR envelope generator, you will want a Note Off layer to sustain the given DC-offset.

The end bundle will contain:

  • CV/trigger (note On layer only with single sample trigger0
  • CV/gate (note on layer with looping gate, note off layer with looping DC offset)
  • perhaps others


neat! thanks for the update :slight_smile:

out of interest, what soundcard are you using? i have a motu ultralite mkII and have just started to build a small modular. control from inside renoise with minimal fuss would be pretty darn cool…

I’ve got a MOTU 828mkII.

Unfortunately, in a nooby backup incident, I just erased all my renoise instruments from the past two months. Luckily, (or unluckily) the only instruments effected were the CV/gate instruments. In short, I’ve got to start all over again!

Without the ability to loop in the Note Off layer, I can’t find a clean way of working elegantly with ADSR envelopes, since I need a way of keeping the CV DC-offset constant and dropping the gate. In my attempts, the Note On layer samples loop a pitch CV and full gate signal (L and R channels). The Note Off channels only loop the pitch CV. Apparently Note Off looping is not allowed.

ouch! have you tried silent way? i think i’m going to give that a shot when i get a chance. provided it works ok inside renoise…

I have, on the whole it’s very nice. Although, in my day to day usages it’s much more than I really need. My Cwejman oscillators stay pretty well in tune and I prefer to use discrete envelopes, so in my typical workflow I don’t need much of what Silent Way offers. Plus I’m on Linux and don’t feel like futzing with Wine.

damn this sounds really cool! too bad I dont have any outputs on my audio interface :doh:
I was gonna get a fireface but then I spent my money on the modular instead hahaha

I’ve got C-1 to B0 left to calibrate. It’s worth noting, only Renoise users with MOTU interfaces will find these instruments useful, as the CV samples have been calibrated to a -4.5 to +4.5v range, which is the available maximal DC output voltages for a 828mkii. Throwing a Gainer DSP on the chain might just do the trick for those with different ranges, but you’ll want to calibrate the gain such that given a multimeter:
C4 = 0V
C5 = 1V
C6 = 2V
C3 = -1V
C2 = -2V
and so forth.

I’ve noticed a -2.5mv offset coming out of my interface, I used the DC offset plugin to cover this.

For the dedicated :) Instruments will be available soon.

very very cool!