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Hey guys!

So, I was in Revision this year and we created a little Web Browser demo together with Vastique. Music is done by me in Renoise 3.0

I’ll post the entire thing here for your enjoyment. :)

Demo itself is best viewed with Chrome browser and requires you to have at least some sort of video card. Video capture is a little bit broken in some places, so if your computer can handle it, I recommend watching the demo instead.


Code, 3D Modelling, Music by Cly/Suva
Graphics, Concept art: Vastique
Released Revision 2014

Video capture in youtube:

Awesome stuff!!! I really like the music! I didn’t know you were also into that kind of style :slight_smile:

I really like drum and bass, but I am not that good at it yet. I have to say it’s probably my first tolerable DnB track. :D

Nice scenery… Though javascripts remains a bollocks environment to write demo stuff in. If you would really need to have an octacore cpu to play that kind of stuff keeps reminding me to steer away from Java and javascript.
At least i didn;t noticed any HTML5 trickery in the debugger (F12)

Who said it requires octacore CPU? It runs fine with even dualcore computers (and cellphones) as long as you have half decent video card. Biggest problem in my case is I load all the models and textures in at once, so it requires some memory. This can be optimized of course, but it took me long enough to get this shit together, didn’t have time for optimizations. :(

Well, that track is certainly more than “tolerable” :slight_smile: