Cycle and Random mode

I have an idea for keyzones:
Cycle and random works great,but what happened if i want to play a drum kit composed with layers and single samples?
The layers will play only one of them!
For example i want to make a drum kit with BD_SD_OH layers,and i want BD plays all samples SD play cycle with different flanger fx(RENTER TO SAMLE)
and OH plays rondom samles with different decays.This is impossible.
The solution with this is CYCLE and RANDOM mode to have the grup as target.

Round robin for each (mute) group?

Slightly confused why he wants kick snare and hat on the same (note-on?) layer but maybe I didn’t understand exactly what he wants to do. He does have a point, though. Example, if someone was making an acoustic guitar patch with 4 note samples and 4 pick scrapes and wanted these to play as 2 layered round robins so variations were much higher with only 8 samples. Or, play the notes alternating for up and down pick string timbres and pick scrapes random on top of that. If that’s the sort of stuff he means, then I think some group concept is key?

Yes.If don’t kill the cpu.
Sorry for my delay…too much wine yesterday. :wacko:

In the TX16w sampler, this can be achieved by adding a so-called ‘wave matrix’ to the key in question.Basically, each entry in the key zone can be made into a separate ‘island’, containing it’s own samples/modulators and set up a bit like an xy pad.
In Renoise, I was think it could act like a “key zone within a key zone”, allowing you to specify cycle groups for specific keys only (among other things), instead of only having access to a single global setting? Hmmm…

Yes please.

Adding to “among other things” concerning the “keyzone within a keyzone”…
I don’t know if its necessary but just what I think would be cool to do in an xrni.

  1. Ability to control or program the Overlap

  2. Example: C-2 note stacked with 16 samples of varying timbres

  3. 4 electric bass-guitar, 4 piano, 4 acid, and a split of 2 plucked cello and 2 tuba

  4. first 8 solo bass bars will only play acid, then the next 8 bars will play all timbres randomly

  5. basically its one melody with controlled chaos of instrumentation

  6. Sample offset within keyzone, currently I’d have to program the SXX

  7. Example: Guitar samples with a pronounced pick attack

  8. ability to randomize the offset in a controlled way would be cool, like S02 to S0A

  9. my guess is, this would extend the life of a single sample, since most of the time that machine gun effect is that constant hearing of the attack phase