D Fast - Fizzlin'

Gone back to my roots. Boogie time. Jazz-funked. Fizzlin’.


Direct mp3 link!

Oh man, this is wonderful. :guitar: Really, can’t stop listening to it.
Only thing I would say it asks for is more flute. That’s the only thing I would add. Otherwise it’s kickin wild, man.
Keep teh funk alive!

pS What’s your inspiration? I mean, can you recommend some hard jazzy funk like this tune?

Well, you could start from here: Harmless Records catalogue

I personally love all of the Pulp Fusion compilations, found tons of good artists listening to those.


Apparently their site is more or less down. Well, at least you can spot the album names and look for them elsewhere.
Glad you like the tune!

Groovy and funky! i like it.

Now that’s funky. Loved every second of it. You get a real organic kind of spontaneous feel with this one. It’s alive!