D Fast - Get Caught (chillout/trip-hop)


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Get Caught @ Bandcamp

To celebrate my 10th anniversary of tracking, I decided to toss my first concrete album for free. I still have some copies left of the actual CD version, so those who are interested may still get something touchable.

D Fast - Get Caught

Direct link to the whole album zipped.

31 minutes and 12 seconds worth of chillout, trip-hop and little hip-hop with all sort of jazzy and funky influences. Some of the tracks were made with Fast Tracker 2, but later on converted to .rns and polished all around.


01 Devotion feat. Free Soul
02 Hangman
03 Nature story feat. Free Soul
04 They knew it first
05 Disgust feat. Free Soul
06 The idea behind a creation feat. Timi Lexikon & Free Soul
07 Froggie’s trip (to the edge of the world)
08 North & south


timeless, many thanks for this, sound oh so good on these mellow sundays

Wow, wonderful album mate. Love it. It’s not usually the type of music I’d listen to, but I recognise good work when I hear it. Exactly what I needed to hear tonight.

Took me quite a while, but now you can get the album from Bandcamp as well. Name your price! Also made it easier to get the physical copy.

D Fast - Get Caught

This is tasty, and quality.
Congratz :walkman:

Awesome, thank you so much. I used ft2 as well years ago. cheers