D16 Products

anyone using these? they sound amazing.

drumazon - 909 emulation
devastor - fx
PHOSCYON - 303 emu
Nepheton - 808 emu


i dont use them personally,but i have only heard good things about them

They’re all spectacular and well worth your money. Nepheton in particular is my favorite VST in years.

I use Drumazon, it’s awesome <3

I’ve bought Phoscyon a few months ago and I have to say that it’s a f****in’ good synth. Now I’m not a pro in acid emulation but I think it’s very good if you love acid sound and you don’t have much money (for now i’ve give up to check the prices for a roland tb303…).

And I can also tell that the D16 group seems very nice and carefull with its customers : when I’ve asked them something about a feature of Phoscyons that I hadn’t understood, they answered me very quickly and clearly.

I’m very interested on the Devastor VST. I’ll check them out. Thx for the repply guys

i own the whole suite and love all their stuff- if you are looking for these types of sounds, but cannot afford the hardware- their software is way more than sufficient. they even have devilfish distortions added on to the phoscyon plug- awesome stuff!

im demoing the phoscyon and devastor plugs right now,and im very impressed,these will be in my arsenal of vst very soon

Devastor VST is awesome!

I am using it in all of my productions at the moment and cannot fault it…

Yeah I got Phoscyon. I love it and use it allot.
Gonna buy Devastor soon.