Daah, Corrupt Files

BAAAAAH! :( :( :(
I really like Renoise but my songfiles gets corrupted all the time!!! The backup-thing backups empty songs so my backup is empty (renoise crashed, I run renoise again, it backups the empty “startup” song, I load my file, it’s corrupted and the backup is empty). I’m beging to get really mmaaad.
And I’ve even emailed taktik and asked him if I could send the file to him so that he could try to save songinfo but he doesn’t even respond to my mail. :(


Hi nadom,

I never got a mail from you, so could you please resend it to taktik at renoise dot com ?
Maybe it was deleted due to some virus detection stuff or whatever.

I understand that you are very disapointed, but we should try to find out whats the root of the problem:

Are only the backups corrupt ? Did this ever happen when saving a song normally ? How often did this hppened ?

And most important : Why did Renoise crash ? This is the root of the problem.
Can you remember what you did in Renoise before it crashed ? Any small details might be imprortant. Is there maybe even a way to reproduce this crashes ?

I managed to save the most important songinfo (found an early crash backup) and now I’ve been sitting here for some time trying to rebuild it so that’s ok now.

The backups aren’t currupt, they are empt. It’s the normall saves that is corrupt ^_^;;;
I made some crappy stuff in my song that I didn’t like and Renoise crashed when it was loading back the save file dureing playback.
When I ran renoise again it made a backup of the empty default song that is there when you start, before I could turn the auto backup-thing off. (Maybe the backup can save as different filenames in comming verisions?)

So, the normall save file was corrupted and the backup empty and the crash backup was also empty… :(
In my month of using renoise (everyday) I’ve got a few, maybe five, unsaveable corrupted files (two of them really important).

I think Renoise crash when I’ve made a pattern (with quite much patterninfo, many samples and a couple of heavy VST’s ) and I’m playing it and for example saves of create a new VST or something that maked Renoise and my computer (2ghz Athlon 2500+, 512MBDDR) work hard.

Peace out!

Do you mean that it crashes if you are playing the song and then try to add a vst during playback?
Maybe it is the vst that makes it crash? Also make it a habit than to not add any vst’s during playback.

Could you send me this corrupt file ? I would like to analyse it.

Yes, but its still most important to know why it crashed !

Can you remember which VST(i) it was ?

  1. Yes, it’s on it’s way :)
  2. I think that it crashed when I saved during playback
  3. Hm, no. Maybe Trilogy… or other ‘heavy’ VST:s.