Dagon 2

the drum kit:

my crudely performed breaks (i have been druming for 3 days :P ):


thusly, quantised:


and then, renoised:


So all the drums in the Renoise are recorded by yourself? It was hard to recognise them! I mean, it sounds great dude! :drummer:

yeah, i recorded the two drum beats with the ‘actual drums’, then they were sped up and chopped up in renoise + a little gate etc. this makes all the drums in the renoise track.

i was surprised how well the came out actually, considering i forgot to use the quantised version of one of them, and i didn’t go to any special effort to mic the drums or anything, its just one SE1a condenser pointed in the rough direction a metre or two away. the intro even sounds vaguely like scorn i think, which is cool.

Excellent! Reminds me of ming & fs.