Damn, I Must Be Tired...

And here I was. In Renoise. On my laptop. Listening to the spanish flamenco-inspired electro thingey.

And then, I tried to push the screen further back on my laptop. WITH MY MOUSE!


Now there’s something I never thought I’d do, hehehe…

Anybody else here done anything totally idiotic like that??

I once was very late, checking my bank account.
where I searched for numbers to give in my code on my midi controller :unsure:

Aight, back when there were 3 computers on our computer desk (PC, Amiga, Atari ST), it has happened a bit too often that I thought for a second or 5 that the keyboard was broken only to discover I was typing on the wrong keyboard. :)

One morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, and I was like “Dude, what the f*** is that sound?” After a moment I started to switch on and off my lamp next to my bed, and yet again I was like “Man, why the f*** isn’t that sound stopping!” At this point I was kinda pissed off and I pulled that lamp’s cord out of the wall, and still the sound just kept going and going.

At this point I got EXTREMELY angry, and I stood up from my bed like a bear which was shot in the ass - And right that moment I realised, that it wasn’t the lamp making that sound. It was the clock… Well, did I feel stupid or what? - Hell yeah.

I decided to turn off the alarm clock and skip my morning classes :)

And now I’m off to work ->

I’ve tried to undo while writing on a piece of paper :)

LOL - those were all very cool situations.

A while ago I was cleaning up my torrent-client. After that I realized, that I deleted everything physically.

I crashed into a bump, because I wanted to leave fast from the company I work in. I forgot to put in the reverse-gear and I used to press the pedals very hard. Too stupid to crash into a thing while that is standing right in front of you.

One week ago I accidently deleted every blog-entry I made (wrong SQL-Syntax. I forgot the WHERE-Statement)

yeah these sort of things happen to me very often: I feel so frustrated when I write on paper! I always want to use find, find and replace, cut and paste and so on.

we’re turning ourselves into some sort of strange new creatures :unsure:

hehe :) i havent wrote on paper for years… i dont even know can i use pencil anymore :unsure:

I have to write something on paper from time to time (excuses and such) and I need about 5 tries to do it, it looks very ugly (my handwriting) and its mostly very short. :(

Stupid things while being tired?

Sometimes in the morning after eating my breakfast I’ll grab the bowl to take it back to rinse it. But somehow I end up in the bathroom looking at myself holding a dirty bowl thinking “this isn’t the kitchen!”.

And of course there are numerous situations when I’ve got angry at a machine when I’ve not even plugged it in… der…

yeah the habit switchy thingie…I get that alot

I could list tonnes of examples, but the silliest ones are:
1, After long stretches of FPS play, doing something mundane (like pouring a drink etc) and then trying to look around with my mouse reflex rather than my neck…if that makes sense…
2. again, after long periods of FPS play - but with using microphones n talking software - talking to someone that walks into the room and instinctiely press the talk button a moment before each phrase…
3. after listening to only cd’s for ages in the car and putting on the radio, trying to skip through to the good bits of songs :D
4. trying to point at something in the room with the mouse cursor is embarrassing too…

I’m just hoping one day I wont need to hit the brakes in the car and find myself lunging for the numeric keypad instead…

EDIT: foo: I hate it most when I stumble in at midnight to get a drink and grab a bowl instead of a cup…

Wow, even the radio butchering of music isn’t enough for you? Don’t they do just that for you already? First force people to “radio edit” their tracks to gain some play at all and then speak over the remainder like 30 secs from the beginning and another 30 seconds in the end carefully leaving only the “good bits” intact.

for the type of music they put on the radio? hell no! 30 seconds worth is all I can stand ;)

Raina: Do I sense a frustradet ‘listen-to-the-WHOLE-song-goddamnit!!!’-musician? :P

About undoing on a piece of paper: It’s possible. It’s called ‘eraser’. Go figure.

About skipping on the radio: I do this all the time on TV. When I realize I can’t skip, I switch the damned thing off, hehe.

About being in the wrong place: I do this a lot. I’m supposed to do… Something… But can never remember what it was I was supposed to do when I suddenly end up in a completely different room. I kill plants this way. Very efficient. :rolleyes:

About alarm-clocks: I’ve used my cellphone as an alarmclock for some time now, and whenever it beeps in the morning I pick it up and say hello. Or, when somebody actually calls, I can just as easily set it to snooze.

i did data entry at the company i used to work for. i did this job for over 5 years, so i was very accustomed to typing a lot.
some mornings i would have to go in at 8:00am on saturday when i had been gone at a rave all the night before… so i’d be really tired.
there were several times when i fell asleep on the job… but i kept on typing even when i was asleep (for real)… only for about 5 or 10 seconds and then i would wake up… and look at the screen, and see what had been in my subconscious!!! i forget exactly what it said but … i think it was something obscene like maybe i was having a wet dream :D

I once had a wet dream, it was going on nicely but suddenly her phone rang and we had to pause. at this point I woke up and realized it was my own phone ringing (3 am in the night). Oh what did I swear …

I remember a morning when i waked up, mostly asleep, and after having a shower and shaving… i throwed the bic twin-blade shaver to the basket of clothes and my dirty underpants to the trash. (whoops)

Almost peeing in the hamper and almost putting the dirty clothes in the toilet…

Last week I woke up very exausted, I was in the shower and still hadn’t really woken up yet… I have a vibrating mach 10x00 razor 2000 or whatever, as well as one of those vibrating toothbrushes that have a button to switch them on in the same place. Both toothpaste and shaving gel I use are in those squeeze tubes… I was planning on shaving, but I guess I thought of brushing my teeth… in which case I ussualy put the cream on my face and lather up, but instead I put the shaving cream on my toothbrush and went at it for second brushing my teeth… then I had a pause and the flavor hit me and I had shaving foam comming out of my mouth :angry:
So then my dumb ass starts spitting everywhere. Well guess what I do next? I throw the toothbrush on the floor of the tub and went to reach for the razor and toothpaste. Then I noticed what I was reaching for. I mean this was a two or thee minute ordeal of getting the combination right… :lol:

…also very often I find myself putting the milk in the cupboard… one time I had even put the glass of milk back into the fridge being carefull to find a place where it wouldn’t get knocked over and then walked away without drinking my milk until realising a few steps later that I had accomplished nothing in quenching my thirst… my girl was just watching me the whole time and started laughing at me once I made the “Doh!” face, then I had to go back and put the milk in the fridge from the cupboard and get my glass back out so I could drink it.