Dance song made using Renoise 3 beta

A 2 minute dance track made using the Renoise 3 beta. My question is, does the bass line sound too derivative (does it make you think of another popular song when you hear it)?

Yes that remember me a lot the music of an old game called “Sapiens”… that i did play on amstrad CPC… :)

That is some great video game music! Thanks for sharing the link.

Funnily enough, I started playing the song before reading your post, and then tabbed out to check an email. When I heard the bass line, I immediately thought of “Get Lucky”. Is that what you’re referring to?

Great retro vibe anyway. Fun sounds ;)

Yep, that is what I thought. I was working on the song and was almost finished when I realized the bass line had the same rhythmic pattern as “Get Lucky” (which is funny because I really haven’t heard that song more than a handfull of times-and if you measured relative to my play count on other Daft Punk songs I practically have never heard that song). Just goes to show that creativity is often tinged with subconcious plagiarism.