Dark Electro Song

this is a verry verry german electro song. :D

also this song is a joke…
happy listening

and by the way
the link is here or in the song section

I think that track is too cool to be a joke, very Kraftwerk sounding, I had to give it a 90% :D

What did You use on the bass and drums, vst or samples? computer voice?

the bass is: “free sonic vsti”
the drums in the beginning: “Drumatick”
other basedrums: “roland tr-707” (real =D)
and the fat kick is made in Reaktor 4 DSQ sequenzah

i made the voice in “analog-x robo voice”

glad you liked it =)

Hey, its me again, I have a sugestion. Did you use anything to master your song? I use a vst called endorphin. It is a very good quality free mastering processor.

review at: http://www.orion-central.com/reviewendorphin.shtml

download at : http://www.digitalfishphones.com/
(many other good free vsts)

I used it on your song with good results, it kind of smooths out rough edges and gives it more dynamics and punch.

I use it in a freeware wave editor called Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/


Liked this song loads too. It WAS really cool, but I saw the joke-side more than Zed here… “Ich schpiele synth…” Hehe! :D

no i didn’t master this song, but maby i try that since all the great feedback :)

sagosen: hehe yes can it be more german?!

This song is really cool! :yeah: I like it!!

I have a small hunch you listened to “Tyskarna från Lund” before making it… :)

I play synth? ;) I am starting to learn German, not very good though. I have a program that is supposed to teach You how to speak like a native German. So at least it will sound correct, even though I have no idea what I am saying. :D

Johan: jepp correct, and kraftverk. :D

Zed303: im about to download and try “endorphin” now

and by the way. i havent read any german in school at all :blink:

Amazing :D This is sounds really like kraftwerk. I love it :)

btw. I do more understand “Ich liebe Synth” then “Ich spiele Synth” (This was right german btw. :) )

Where to get this thing? I´d like to try it :)