Dark Red

Dark Red
Ingredients include amens, acid, gabber, dumb samples.

Tell me what you think.

Wow, love the repeated melody around 1:40. This is a busy little beast! Hehe, I like how you’ve used the old voice samples, so reminds me the 90s and how we used to put in bucket loads of voice samples into our songs for no more of a good reason than because it was the done thing!

Works as a piece of music for sure. Just some mix issues, mostly with taming the bass and rolling the tops here and there. Thanks for sharing ;)

Cheers Mark
I thought if I was going to use samples I might as well go all out and with the mix, yeah I knew you’d comment :P

I think perhaps you could go even a bit further with the weirdness.

There are, as you stated, a lot of different things in there, and sometimes when I listen to songs that contains lots of contrasts and shifts in mood I feel it doesn’t get extreme enough.

You could make the song slightly longer to give room to all the elements, maybe throw in some sort of rhytmical/musical breakdown.

And follow Foo?s advice. He’s a good and active commenter.

me gusta.

Haha, I’m not a fan of Acid, but the voice that says SHUT THA F*CK UP and Nintendo Power had me smiling :)

that song is pretty damn badass!

I would love to live a night in the kind of club that plays this music.

Sounds dark red alright. Acidic dark bloody haunted crunching frantic psyccccccccccc nice. BURN

nice work man! I was laughin my ass off when i heard “…nintendo”

lovely song