Darwinia Windows/osx/linux


screenshots page:
i’m using this one right now as my desktop wallpaper

just thought i would post this, it looks beautiful… the gaming is kind of strange, not something i would get into, but maybe someone else would want to play it.
–this has nothing to do with tron.

Very cool idea!

It reminds me a little of the RTS games such as C&C and some others.

I like the idea of having citizens to control; wait maybe that didn’t sound good.

Anyone know off hand if the graphics are more refined if you have the purchased version of it?

Would be nice if the rendering was better when up close. I think that’s my only beef with it.

i absolutely love tron! that game looks so surprisingly like the lightcycles part of tron2.0.

man i wish they would have made that tron 2.0 movie.