Data Play - Sampled C64 Tape Noise Etc Etc


I’d like to share this lill school trissle I made a few weeks ago, I’ve edited it / made it smaller (<5mb) so I could upload it on zebox.

The track is called ‘data play’ , it can be found here:

It’s a trip back memorylane using C64 (I sampled the data from cassette) & nes samples in their pure data form (edited using a hex editor) + sampled state, in conjunction with the ac toolbox & Csound on the mac. I made beats out of the data in Renoise + did some finalising in wavelab.
Hope you like it.


absolute brander

thanks a lot for sharing this cute piece of mangled 8bit history!
very easy to listen for such fast shifting freqs … good job.
it sounds finished already, but maybe a second rhythm part
could give a better track- feeling.e.g.: split the current drummy thing and make them ever-increasing.
just a dump idea…
a very interesting part begins at 3:39 :) brilliant

btw. u mentioned csound, do u’ve tried blue anytime?

Big uP!

Great track! Reminds me of my favourite bits of drukqs and lp5. Is that csound doing spectral stretching and granular synnthesis?

Amazing! On a side note be sure to also listen to “19 Euro 50” as well.

Going to give me nightmares, but really enjoyed it!

Really funny to listen to! :D

For my taste some breabeats along the track would be nice, just imagination. ;)

sfx-galore :D
well, sorry i cannot regard this as music or a song, but nevertheless it’s been interesting for one seriously disturbing listening session. ;)
thumbs up for the scream at 1:53 in nineteeneurofifty however, really made my hair stand skywards =)

about the song : " Wazugheid kent geen tijd " haha