Datassette - People Without Mouths Ep

Out today!

Vinyl only on Shipwrec records for 2 weeks:
Record includes download code for all tracks in all lossless or lossy formats.
Digital version to follow (including Vinyl download code) includes 3 bonus tracks.

A1. Videohorse
A2. People Without Mouths
B1. Don’t
B2. Power Ballad

Bonus tracks:

  1. Bayesian Funk
  2. Partita For Unattended Computer
  3. Don’t (Ilkae Remix)


Is it only available on clone or some other places too? (Clone has pretty expensive shipping unless you order tons)

It should be in a few other places soon, not sure where though. Clone are distributing it.

Congratulations! :)
Great EP, my favorites are A2 and B2; “People without mouths” is a really intensive, great arranged track, excellent balanced sound selection. I like the brilliant sparkling arpeggio and warm strings.
“Power Ballad” reminds me of the 80’s, I love it. :)