DAW like tunneling VST or Program?

[center] I remember the good old days in FLStudio there was a VST called VSTunnel. It’s since de-funked I think, and i’m a Renoise user so it doesn’t interest me even if it WAS available. What does is the ability to tunnel music software to another DAW.

I know Reaper has Ninjam, I remember on PAT.com it was up for using as a means of connecting others and it actually was used between 2 different DAWs or so i’ve been told anyway. The forums now state it’s solely for Reaper users to colab. together or jam out… My question is; A. Is there a possibility someone knows of something existing for Renoise users to pair with other DAWs to JAM or Colab. at all (or) B. Is it possible to create one using LUA into an .xnrx?

All replies are appreciated!!!

Your Old Friend,

Must be possible with OSC, but I don’t know of anyone actually doing it. Always meant to fool around with it but never have (lazy), at least for using PD with Renoise.