Db Volumes For Mixing?

I’m really used to mixing the volumes of the tracks by using the dB volume meters common in every audio application or analog mixers and set the values according to my needs.

But in renoise, volume changes are made by percentage, and there’s no meter that can tell you what’s your peak value or even show you how loud your tracks are and how close to 0db they are.

Anyone know how I could do this? A simple gain meter/control VSTi could do the job, but I’ve had no luck finding one so far…

Currently, I record the tracks to WAV and then mix them into another software. But I love Renoise too much, and I don’t want to use anything else in my music making.

Can anyone help? =)


We need a mixer, that’s what we need :)

Yeah, big time =)

But do you know of a workaround for this problem? 1.5 doesn’t seem to have a mixer so I think we’re going to have to wait a bit longer and I really don’t want to use anything besides Renoise… I’m looking for some kind of VST fx which would have all the features of a mixer that I could add on each channel, cause that would solve the problem pretty quick =)…

1.5 shows volume as dB.

There’s 2 free mixer vst’s. I haven’t tried them yet so I’m not sure if they work.

Click Here

You can always mix in another application. That’s what the “render each track into separate wav” is for. :)

But I agree - a mixer would be kewl.

I always mix my songs in another application. I do a rough mix in renoise, and kept a copy of cubase 3.75 on my PC just for mixing the exported single tracks for the past years (I did the same when I was using FT2 and MT2)

now, kreatives.org have released a freeware multi-track mixing program called kristal, which does exactly what I need - mix several tracks together and allows the use of VST-Plugs.
For me personally it helps to leave my usual workspace (renoise) to add finishing touches to my song, because I can concentrate on mixing/mastering this way. but that might be my way and not applicable for you.