Dblue - Untitled Techno Electro Thingy

An untitled techno-ish electro-ish thingy I’ve been working on during the weekend. Enjoy.


Listened & liked! :drummer:

Awwww yeah! Great! :)

hey dBlue, what could I say excepted “wow”… Everything is fine, from the bassline to the high tones melodic sequences, it sounds very professional. The quality of the fx applied on each instrument is remarkable, and most of all, I particularly like the “tempo change” after 3:34, very cool idea.

I’m really diggin this!

Really enjoyable and pro stuff!

:walkman: Nicey

Absolutely loved it. Was expecting the tempo to switch up again, but it never did. Maybe the fact that is expected is the reason why it shouldn’t happen, I dunno. Great stuff though.

Cheers, guys!


A few people have suggested that the 2 sections should be flipped, so that the half-time section is first, and the more upbeat 4/4 section is at the end to really hype up the finish. It could work both ways, I guess. Could even work with another beat change in there somewhere, as you expected.

Absolutely - the final section is the “meat” if this tune really (I love overly melodic stuff like this!!), but it needs to bring itself to some sort of conclusion?
You probably changed the track so much by know that it’s not the same, but as a basic approach I’d try this:
(gotta love soundcloud, because you can almost perform such twists just by clicking the waveform)

From the 0:00 - 2:00 mark, I’d leave out the arpeggiating synth
From 5:21, I’d jump back to 1:00, but this time with the arpeggio on!
Song “ends” at 3:34