Dblue today you reminded that I wanted to get a license to use glitch. I’m now a proud and legal user. I can’t tell you enough how fun it is to play with this program. Thanks again for making a lusciously splendid vst! :drummer:

Haha, thanks dude :)

I haven’t had much time for programming lately, but I was working a little bit on some new code tonight. I’m really hoping to be able to get a new version (1.5) finished in the next few weeks, which will be a free upgrade for existing users. It will be more flexible and powerful, with a few extra features and effects that should have been in there from the beginning.

Then eventually (we’re probably talking several months here) I’m planning a completely new system for 2.0 which will hopefully just be insane :)

But, you know, one thing at a time!

Definately a plug-in which should get the sigul “most wanted”.
Unfortunately I`m still fiddling around with the demo, because I ran out of money.

I used the demo in a tune, bought it and haven’t used it since. I do keep on hearing it in tunes friends are doing and stuff though, and maybe that’s part of the reason I don’t want to use it too…

Wicked little plug-in. Will definately be one that I come back and back to me thinks :)

Haha. Yeah that can be a little problem I guess. I think the most distinctive “he/she used dblueGlitch!” sign is the damn ring modulator effect. Most of the time Glitch fits in fairly nicely with the IDM music you hear from the usual artists. But when that modulator effect kicks in, for some reason you instantly know where it came from, heh. Probably just because it occurs in short bursts, I dunno.

Of course, the key to any piece of software is making it your bitch, getting it to do what YOU want/need. It can be an interesting challenge trying to tweak all the stuff in Glitch to make it sound a bit different. For example, I personally tend to only use the modulator at a very low frequency between 50 - 100 Hz, with the spread parameter set to around 90 degrees. This creates quite a nice little stereo effect.

In the upcoming 1.5 update - which I am now gradually working on a few hours each night - I really hope to improve the flexibility of the plugin and expand the range of sounds it can create.

I made a mistake in the original design by limiting it to 8 single effects (well, 9 if you count passthru when using a filter on it). In the next version I am planning to have around 10 effect “slots”, maybe more if I can come up with a sensible way to arrange them all in the GUI. You will be able to assign each slot to any of the available effects, so if you want 10 different types of retrigger you can have that.

I am also going to expand the selection of available effects to include some new ones. Every couple of months, or whenever I think of weird new effects that might be cool, I plan to release minor updates to the plugin which will make them available. A few new ones I’ve got so far include a tape stop / turntable power off style effect, an effect which (unintentionally) sounds a bit similar to DFX’s Buffer Override, a simple echo/delay which is intended for weird metallic/unnatural echoes with very short delay sizes.

I’m also working on an experimental auto-vinyl-scratching effect which will include various patterns for the “hand” movement and various patterns for the volume cutting, which when used together will hopefully create something that roughly resembles real scratching techniques like flares, chirps, orbits, etc. This one is still in a very experimental stage though, haha, so I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing it anytime soon.

Anyway, yeah, I’ll stop rambling now.

Yeah quite often I hear a trck and it’s "Is that Glitch in there?2 and then the mod effect come it and it’s an instant “Yes” Even if they were just to adjust the frequency of it a little it might still put a bit of doubt in my mind, I think it’s mainly due to people using it and keeping the parameters for the effects set as it starts up.

Some of your ideas for expanding it sound very interesting. I’m keenly awaiting to see how this goes in the furture :)