Deactivate Group/track

I like to render groups or tracks down to 1 bar loops, to save cpu, chop up the sounds and process them further. I like to keep the original track/group in case I need to go back and make any changes. The problem is the group or track that’s now muted will still interact with parts of the track things like signal followers. There is also the problem of muting ,soloing and cpu, second right-click of solo will un-mute all tracks then the volume and cpu goes through the roof. I know I could use a gainer and I could go through every dsp/plugin and bypass but what I was thinking is in the track/group routing dropbox add None or Deactivate so the whole thing has no impact on the song.

EDIT: also if it is deactivated it sould not be shown in the pattern matrix.

send these tracks to a sendtrack with a gainer on it with gain @ -INF dB?

Yes but it doesn’t stop the cpu hit when un-soloing all tracks and unneeded tracks are still in the patter matrix.