Dead Note When 2 Samples In 1 Track

Hey, I don’t know if this is a bug or a missing ability in renoise, but look at the picture:

The marked note dont play at all - there is another sample at same time, and they are in the same track…

Is this the reason ? or should it work ?

Yes, of course this should work, otherwise the multiple columns would not make any sense at all. Please check carefully which effects you have used on that line - if the sample plays back fine when played alone and so on…

Just a guess…
Could it be that instrument#08 is the same as instrument#09 only with inverted samples?

samp 8 is a clap, samp 9 is a 808 snare.
when i delete the 8, samp 9 plays fine.

the track only has some gain, reverb, and stereo expander on it

K, i have wasted your time, im sorry for this.

the clap simply cancels out the snare sound, i just dont have the ears of jeroen tel :)

Ah, but it’s never a waste of time when Jeroen Tel is mentioned :D