Dealing With Long/looping Samples?

Sometimes I have a sample that I run which is longer than one pattern. Or that starts in one and ends in the other. It would be nice if:

  1. I could see some indication of that sample playing in the, for example, fourth pattern even though it was triggered in the first. Maybe some sort of color in the column?

  2. It would be nice if Renoise was able to locate where it was in reference to the sample and play from there. So if you are in the fourth pattern of a sample that lasts 4 patterns, it would start playing 3/4 of the way in the sample.

Thank you for your time.

Using the sample slicer command is the only thing that can sort of set a few monitoring stones for you if it comes up to visualization of playing long samples.

I can see that inside the sampler the sample-offset position can be calculated.
Could be an extra option to use that routine to generate some kind of note-generator using those offset-values.
Combined with the routine that uses the beatsync-option to calculate which rows to set the sample-offset accurately.
However this would probably only work with bpm-accurate samples.
Setting the sample bpm-accurate will still require manual fine-tuning and base-note settings.
But once that is allright, a good calculation basis is there to set up some “sample-spanner” feature.