Debian Stable Doesnt Find Vst Plugin

Hi, I set $VST_PATH to the directory containing the vst and renoise is saying it found 0 vst plugins.

coopr@asdf:~$ tail -n 2 .bashrc
export VST_PATH

Renoise LOG> VSTPlugs: Searching for new VST plugins in ‘/home/coopr/renoise/vst/’…

coopr@asdf:~$ ls /home/coopr/renoise/vst/

i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong, would appreciate any help!


As it’s a .dll file I would put money on it being a Windows VST so of course it will not load in Debian natively!

All of my plugins are intended for Windows only at the moment. I’ve heard from a few people who say they managed to get some of them working under Linux, but I don’t think they’ll simply work out of the box like this? I was under the impression that some extra mods/hacks/tweaks/etc are required?

Via Wine? Or another route?

Just looked at your plugin page and as far as I can see it doesn’t actually state they are for Windows anywhere. Would suggest you adding some mention. The Glitch specific page does though…

True. However, I find that the majority of people who actually know what a VST plug-in is and what to do with it generally recognise that a .DLL file is for Windows. But you’re right; I could make it more obvious on the website. Will edit the page :)

Once they’ve downloaded and unzipped them as they are compressed on your site ;)

Only a very small matter really, especially saying as the files are tiny, but thought it a valid point raising anyway. Glitch is definitely the one of yours that gets the most recommendations from people and its main page does state it as Windows only, so even if it was a small note at the top of the Plugins page to cover all below (unless you are going to start work on them being ported to other platforms.)

Windows is .dll
Linux is .so
What is OSX? .so as well? Guessing Unix Shared Object thing…
Not to mention Windows at least may be downloaded as an executable or cabinet/msi file…

haahaha. .dll not sure how i missed that. sorry

check it out, a guide from our own forums on how to load .dll VST’s on Linux:

try also this before going the FST + JACK route:

We support dssi plugins, so bridging to windows plugins should be easier with that wrapper (but not all plugins will work tho)…

sounds like you should try VeSTige! google it and you’ll find more info than you need to get it working.