Decay And Release

I’d like to create a piano style envelope with a looped waveform, attack=0, decay=3, sustain=0, release=0.1, or something like that. But either I don’t get it or it’s not possible to do this with renoise envelelopes. Basically I want it to fade out over 3 secs when the note is held and stop after 0.1 secs at note off no matter how far in the 3 secs it were.

Make a normal envelope that fades out to silence. Enable sustain, but position the sustain point at the very end of the envelope. Now set the Fadeout value to something very high - probably the maximum value of 4095, and then you can tweak it to find what you like.

This configuration should create the result you’re looking for. When notes are allowed to sustain, they’ll play through the whole envelope, but when a note-off command is issued then the volume will quickly fade out due to the high Fadeout setting.

Why have sustain on? There is no need and if it’s a looped sample all it is doing is forcing Renoise to continue processing silence in the absence of a Note Off.

Yeah, you’re right, it doesn’t actually need to be there. I guess I somehow got the idea in my head that the fadeout would not be processed in the same way if sustain was disabled. Not sure where I got that impression! Anyway… it’s just habit more than anything I suppose, since I tend to use the full volume envelopes all the time. I just turned it on without giving it much of a second thought.


Super cool, thanks.

I guess I was confused about the “fadeout” which works the other way around. I expected small values to be fast (and hence couldn’t figure out what it did anyways). Thanks for clearing that up!

Yeah that confused me first (only?) time I’ve done anything with a looped sound and envelopes. Have to admit it’s part of Renoise I don’t use as much as I maybe should. The fact 09xx commands don’t work outside the looped area and you can’t activate the release phase of a sample (if you’re not using a basic waveform) put me off a little so generally stick with VSTi for the sounds which would/could be replaced with this kind of samples.