Deceiving Slow

Hi everyone ;)

I composed Deceiving Slow using Vanguard, PlugSound Free and V-Station mainly. The rest are 16-bit wav samples. 4:31´´ 130 bpm

This time i choose a more comercial trance style, very nice BTW.

Download here (7,26 Mb)
Klez - Deceiving Slow

All comments are welcome.

  • Klez

i like it. pretty nice, very commercial sounding.
it has more potential than you put into it though, i bet you could spend 30 minutes or an hour more on it and make it 10x as good

some comments:
the lead “guitar” (or whatever it is) line is very cool, reminds me of alice deejay, but it is kind of repetitive, if you varied it some you could take this song a lot more places

the bassline is only 1 note through the whole thing… i think it would be more musical if it had some chord progressions that fit with the lead instrument

something about the lead doesn’t “sit right” with the beat, i’m not sure exactly and this is probably just a matter of preference but i think if the rhythm were a little bit different on it it would go better with the rest of the song , it’s like near the end of the loop, it doesn’t really resolve with the bassline before it starts all over again.

anyway, great production values and keep up the good work! i’d like to hear more from you in the future

Hi klez,

Not really my style but seems mixed ok, must say that I`m not a big fan of the lead in this one @2:50, especially if your using Vanguard I think something a bit more powerful could be done ;) , not to overpower the mood you have created here but just something with a bit more bite.

Like the breakdown with the guitar sound, think that the sample sounds better in the lower registers here so maybe a bit more elaboration with this could be good.

Structure is varied which is good,

Keep it up!

Thanx for the comments :D

About the bass… yes, it´s c-4 all the time… I´ve made harder styles with more complicated basslines, but for the commercial style maybe this fit better and easier for the younger listener.

About the lead… (Plugsound free - LP twinlight) i like very much how it sound, yes maybe a longer loop wth more notes would be better. I´m learning fast!

With my current skills I can´t do so much better, renoise 1.5 is harder to use than 1.28 but hey it´s for fun ;)

Thank you very much for those elaborated posts to both you B)

Any more comments will be welcomed

  • Klez

Not exactly my preferred style, but I enjoyed it very much during the first minute - you got some kind of Plastikman thing going there with that backbeat short guitar(?) note, you should use it longer in the song. It got better again at 02:41 when the synth loop gets loud. I think I’d might want to replace the sound for the guitar melody - not sure with what tho. Maybe a harsh fat synth with plenty of reverb? :lol:

And that backwards drum break at 0:35 and some other place, is nice - you could use it more often later in the song to build up the groove. Maybe you could also do a eurovision song contest classic, and transpose up at the end part? :D