Decent Furniture (uk)

yo - i need to buy a decent desk for my equipment - At the mo i have three cheap ikea pc desks in a row but they are only about a meter high and as i’m over 6 foot it’s making my back crumble…

i need something big, split level with speaker stands, shelves and enough room for two turntables, a 25 key midi keyboard, soundcard and external drives - a laptop or two and a lamp.

oh - and room to expand should i get around to buying some hardware…

any ideas on where to look for this kinda thing - i live in teh uk?

tia peeps

Though this topic belongs in the off topic board, here’s my advice, ergo, what I did when I was having the same problem:


Now, this is sweet, practical and inexpensive, provided that you can find good Wood and are smart enough to work out some of the kinks, like making it structurally stable with some additional pieces of wood to reinforce the corners.

this looks nice:

if you have £5000 :blink:

5000 £ dor a desk? it must be made of pure gold :)

Quiklok makes a few nice split-level desks. I have the z250 with an extra quiklok table module added underneath. It works pretty well. Here is candid photo of a desk that needs to be cleaned. I use a keyboard stand to hold my keyboard to the side and all my gear is on the middle desk. Quiklok also makes a Z600 desk that has a space for rackmount equipment between the top and middle shelf. According to my research they are both available in the UK. They are easy to put together and they have a very hard plastic textured laminate on top and bottom of the tables themselves. I have to say I really like the laminate used on the tables, seems like quality stuff.

go for QuikLok !

(i admit it… i work for them! )

I found my desk at an office that was closing near to mine. The new tenants wanted to remodel, so they were trashing all the old furniture. I even modified one of the shelves underneath to fit my rack mount gear with the help of some aluminum strips. Dig behind buildings, never know what you’ll find.

thanks peeps!