Dedacia Goes Serious

hi again!
a new euro dance kind of song is up.

don’t ask me about the title, i dont know :)

download it here or in the song section

hope you like it

despite of the serious topic, I’m going semi-serious here:
I’ve never understood what exactly is eurodance about…

what’s the difference with standard dance?
the composers should be part of European Community?

Though I’m somehow kidding, I still would like to receive an answer to this question. :huh:

I think “bands” like ‘Snap’, ‘Culture Beat’, ‘2 Unlimited’ and so on, that consist of a female singer and a so called “rapper” are making eurodance, and I guess it’s called eurodance because Europeans invented it and because only Europeans like it… ;) But that’s my definition

hm i really don’t know.

maby it´s just dance.

i think discussing genres is one of the best way making enemies. :)

it’s really funny that you labeled this song as eurodance and you don’t know why :) :rolleyes:

my opinion is that this genre name is another try to sell as new stuff something already heard and sold for years with other names (just give a look to the bands list evilcookie has given, they come from very different time periods)

it’s a dance song and i live in europa.
europa + dance = eurodance :D

Even more odd is Eurobeat… it’s from Japan :huh:

Hehe, it’s based upon Eurodance but that’s it…

Oh well, I like both. I agree with evilcookie about his eurodance style definition, but what is regular dance? How does it differ from let’s say Techno? And what is Pop?

Oh and Snap, 2 Unlimited, Culture Beat are all acts from the mid 90’s so I would place them in the same time period. A couple more: Cappella, 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor, DJ Bobo, E-Rotic (still active in Japan I heard), Ice MC, Leila K, Masterboy, Maxx, Pharao, T-Spoon, Twenty 4 Seven, U96… just to give you an idea of the sound of Eurodance ;)

I like experimental retro futurepop! :lol:

I would say the reason it’s called Eurodance it’s because it became big in the mid 90:s as dance music in Europe, in contrary to the US where techno/dance didn’t hit the mainstream market and night clubs at that time.

Early euro groups are as Blaster says (think he got 'em all :) ). Often a rapper and a female singer. Later on groups like Aqua, Jampack etc threw out the rapper but the concept was basically the same. The last years euro like Fragma, Da Buzz, Alice Deejay, ATC have either a bit more pop or techno feeling to them I think. A bit harder and not as fast as early euro.

I don’t think there is a definition of what’s “standard dance” or just “dance”. For example have a look at the dance charts and you’ll find all types of music… Eurodance on the other hand is a pretty small genre and easy to spot… but I have no idea what makes it eurodance :D Stompy bassdrum @ 135 BPM, simple basslines (that you’ve heard 100 000 times before), harmonic chords or maybe melodies and a female singer. That sums it up I think :) Personally I like euro, mostly because it’s simple and everyone else hates it so someone has to stand up for it :P

Don’t forget about U.S.U.R.A, deadly sins, captain hollywood project, anti-cappella, ramirez, jay dee, digital boy, datura, amos… and so on-------------------------------------

:drummer: see you :drummer:

still no feedback om my song tough :(

DEATH TO ALL WHO PUT MUSIC INTO GENRES! Maybe I am over reacting a bit? <_<

O.K. I wiil be “serious” now. You will make no enimies here. :) we all love music + tracking + Renoise.
The mix of Your song sounds good (You have a good ear) I am not an expert songwriter but I can tell You what I would have done differently. A good song has a “hook” something catchy, it could be the chorus , vocals, lead synth line, a computer voice, anything. You do not want to use it too much though. Too much of a good thing can rune a song. The first four bars of the song sounds good, I wouldn’t have used the vocals so soon into the song though , I would have built up to it. You want to build up tension then release it, the simple way is verse chorus but You can do it anyway You want. You could try dropping out the drumline during a section of the song? The song seems to come on too strong then only drops a little in tension. This is only my opinion though. I hope this helps.


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