Default Asio Master Output

I would like an option in the device settings where i can choose the default asio output channel for the master because Renoise always chooses the first output of the sound card and when i load a song (not my own songs) i have always to change the output of the master because in my soundcard the first output is the phones output and not the main output to the speakers.

The basic idea is probably not hard to do software technically speaking, but when exchanging songs between pc’s (this info has to be stored with the song) Renoise does not know what audio gear is on another pc.
If your Main out 1/2 is the 6th output bus and another PC has only 4 ASIO outs, should Renoise then pick the last output or the first one?

Generally the first output is usually the speaker set.
Some cards allow you to configure the output order of your soundcard.