Default Automation (double Click) Improvement

When doubleclicking on parameter renoise adds one point in the beginning of the automation curve which is same as previous value or default value.

Make it so, it adds two points, both in beginning and the end of the automation curve.

this has the downside that, if you need to move the line, you need to move both points (or use LALT)

on a side note, I have noticed that actually a second point is created at the end of the curve, but it is not visible because it is one line after the end of the visible curve. to see it, LALT+leftclick+drag on the left.

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No it’s just the same point that wraps around.

The XML seems to contain exit point nevertheless whether one actually exists or not.

Also I would love a way to move points horizontally without changing the vertical value.

+1. this looks like a good candidate for LCTRL+leftclick+left/right-drag, as LCTRL+leftclick+up/down-drag moves the point vertically.

+1 for moving points horizontally without changing the vertical value.

I had sort of the same suggestion in 2007:…c=14358&hl=

Maybe mine is even better. Just hold alt and click to insert a point with the same value as the nearest point left of it.

The initial suggestion would certainly be nice if it could work like this: let’s say you have a automation ending with a value of X on pattern 1, no automation on pattern 2, and automation beginning with a value of Y in pattern 3 — if you then create automation for pattern 2, it would begin with value X and end with Y.

While we’re at it: inserting a point with the value the automation has at that position, and while you press that modifier, showing the value of the automation of where the mouse cursor is (if there is a point there or not).

I’d love it.

+1 plz :)

If you want to move the line, you can delete the second point - no problem.

But if you only have a point at the beginning, and want to insert one at the end, that’s not sometimes not even easily possible because when you click, the point usually doesn’t have the correct value - and when you click the first point to copy it’s value you change it.