Default Autoseek?

I feel incredibly lazy for asking about this but Google provided nothing useful and I figured this would be a decent place to ask. That said, I’d like for all samples to be defaulted to Autoseek. Any way to do this?

I could be wrong but I don’t think you can set it to a preferred default, I don’t see it in the preferences. (Edit > Preferences) or (Alt comma)

You can however quickly…

  1. Go to Instrument Settings Tab (bottom left).
  2. Right Click will give you some options, which will also show the shortcuts.
  3. For selecting individual samples, Ctrl click on samples.

If you mean individual Instrument Samples on the top right, I don’t think you can just select all, then click on “autofade” to change the settings for them all.

As 00.1 pointed out, you can select all samples in the sampleslots with multi select (click one, shift click end of range) and then click autoseek to get set this for all selected samples.
If you mean by default as in “each sample that you load will have autoseek turned on by default”, this is deliberately not done because of the enormous cpu overhead this will cause if you would have a pack load of samples.

Also, having Autoseek enabled for short samples such as drum hits is retarded! It’s just going to use loads of CPU to calculate something which is nearly always Has Finished, Do Not Play.

But auto-enable for samples over X size could be quite useful…

Well, compared to my plugins autoseek samples consume barely nothing (CPU). I have approximately about 5 autoseek samples running at a time, but there might be over 50 long samples in a song. Clicking autoseek everytime when adding a new instrument is a bit annoying, so I wouldn’t mind default setting for this.

However, Renoise is such a great software saving me a lot of trouble with other issues, so I am not really complaining.

I suspect that toolwise such an option could be easily whipped up.