Default Instrument Velocity Option

this beta is beyond belief. thanks and thanks renoise team!!!

the ability to set a default volume level for an instrument would be wonderful. so that every time you put a note in the pattern editor, the specified default volume would be placed in the volume column.

i often use the advanced pattern editor to accomplish something similar, but a little box in the instrument settings or sample properties area would be outrageously useful. dynamic range people, dynamic range!

I don’t understand why you would want to do this. You can adjust the overall volume of an instrument by changing either the sample volume or the track volume; individual note volumes are for changing volume on a per-note basis, not per-instrument.

@mmrn, do not confuse volume and velocity: although you can set the default volume with the slider, centipus’ suggestion, which is an old one actually, has much sense.

for example, when working with a VST sampler which supports multilayering, you may want to reserve the highest layer (highest velocity range) for some specific accents, using a lower layer as the main one. this option would save some repetitive tasks

edit: acutally, it’s centipus in the first place who confuses the terms volume and velocity, sorry :) I will edit the topic title

thanks italien! sorry to confuse matters…

as it is now, the default velocity is 80, the highest value. you can only move down, to lower values. if each note starts in the middle ,40, the velocity has room to go up as well as down.

if a musical ensemble begins playing at their maximum volume, the only option is to reduce the level. if the ensemble begins near the middle of their volume range, they’ve got more articulation space. the louder parts seem louder, quiet parts more quiet. it’s about context.

i guess a default panning value would be fun too…

I’d like to second this request for more control over MIDI velocity. When using a MIDI keyboard subtle presses yields notes with near zero volume/velocity in renoise and I have to violently hit my keyboard to get a reasonably loud sound. Being able to set a base velocity of an instrument eg. at 40 and then have the MIDI velocity add to that would be really helpful.

Just raising the volume of the sample doesn’t help at all. Subtle keyboard-presses just cuts 99% of it anyway. VST instruments are even more sensitive to this, because some acoustic piano VST’s dampens the notes with low velocity… I had hoped my MIDI keyboard had a setting for base velocity, but it only has 7 different velocity ramps, all starting at zero (Novation Xiosynth). Don’t know if other keyboards are the same.

I have been thinking on this topic recently and one option/mode I have thought of is remember and hold last velocity value input i.e.

  • I start of inputting a C-4 with 40 Velocity.
  • The next note I input will have a 40 Velocity also (without me having to write it)
  • Input a F-4 and change the velocty to 50
  • Every note after has 50 velocity, until changed again etc.

This would be a mode for qwerty input and would sit along side/ separately from a mode for manipulating MIDI from keyboards/ controllers etc.

Along with this mode I would suggest a shortcut key to reset the velocity to maximum.