Default Key Configuration For Laptop

Yeah, there should be such a key-set implemented, where all renoise shortcuts are bound so they works on keyboards without numpad, such as laptop keyboards.
Since my laptop doesn’t have any numpad I’m missing out on:

  • the loop-feature of renoise where you loop a quarter of the pattern. (i can’t choose which quarter)
  • change octave up n down of input

and probably many more things which I have just forgotten now. but I really think there should be a default key-set which can fit laptop-keyboards. There’s probably more differencies in keyboards from different countries. Like english keyset has slash down by shift which I have on the numeric 7 on swedish keyboards. I’m sure such differencies will make the keybinds even more a hazzle :)

Change octave also works with CTRL-[and CTRL-].
So the only shortcut you are really missing is the loop block one (ENTER on numpad), but you can just reassign it to something else (like CTRL-ENTER) or so.

The thing is everyone uses their keyboards differently. That said let me extract the following from your ramble:

* Renoise should provide different keybindings.

For the above, people should simply share their keybindings. It’s an XML file in the preferences folder (KeyBindings.xml). If someone has something better, then post it and work on it with the community.

* Renoise should support more than one set of keybindings.

^^^ This is a good suggestion.

In Renoise, I would like to be able to toggle between different key binding configurations.

I use a laptop, but when I’m in the house the laptop gets plugged into a monitor, soundcard, external HD, and full QWERTY keyboard.

Changing the keybindings for laptop is annoying because half the time I use a regular keyboard.

EDIT: On second look, I know I can do it with “Load”, but it would be nice if it was a selection box with DESKTOP and LAPTOP, to start.

+1 for this subset of your idea.