Defiant Heart

Hello, friends. I give you Defiant Heart. This is my electronic tribute to a personal hero of artistic creation, Dmitri Shostakovich, whose compositions have always had the ability to move me. The eight pieces below are meant to be heard in succession from start to finish, as one piece builds in to the next. I like to think of the album as one complete sum of parts, divided in to movements – each exploring its own variation on a theme that is prominent throughout. The music takes the listener on a journey, as it builds and builds to a final epic and billowing climax. You will hear layer upon layer of orchestra recording, thoughtfully sliced apart, deconstructed, and re-imagined, alongside hundreds of homegrown samples, all personally sequenced and presented here. If you’re looking for songs built with pre-recorded loops, samples pulled from someone else’s drum machine, or thoughtless repetition, then this album is not for you.

In summation, Defiant Heart is basically huge body of work that nearly drove me to madness, and is a personal statement about electronic music, which is a deep, endless genre of music that’s ripe for experimentation, and can be filled with emotion and love. Many thanks to @stephencelis for the beautiful album art.

Please enjoy! If you are near North Carolina on July 16, feel free to come to the CD release party (

  1. First Movement: Podolskaya Ulitsa [5:20]
  2. Second Movement: To October [4:46]
  3. Third Movement: First Denunciation [5:06]
  4. Fourth Movement: Second Denunciation [4:54]
  5. Fifth Movement: The Zhdanov Decree [4:45]
  6. Sixth Movement: Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District [4:46]
  7. Seventh Movement: War [15:28]
  8. Eighth Movement: Legacy [9:31]

Here’s the complete zip:

hope you like. :)