huh? Sorry maby i’m missing something =P Is this some kind of convo you had with Funk or something?


Umm… Who the f*ck are you? :huh: can be a good thermometer

i got you in my play list… hope that helps (a little) :]

Someone you played in your first radioshow mr. “twice as famous”…

Really? I can’t really put the names together.

And I never said I am twice as famous. According to latest research there is exactly 7 people who know me. :P

Aha, you are right, i was actually referring to Robot Wars while in my head i was sure you were having our topic originator on the list… Well… I guess RobotRobot probably has an unoriginal identity issue here… perhaps choosing a more original name and promote that one might be a better idea…

Robotrobot is a great name, there aren’t many of us robotrobots on the net you know.

I’m going to troll you a little… don’t byte too quick…

Correction:It is a large name. :P

With a space, there are many of you; You are only basing your originality here on a fact where people make typing mistakes in search engines, imho, that ain’t the best way of profiling yourself :P

Bait taken! Hook Line and Sinker!
robotrobot is one word and yeah according to bing robotrobot has some results, BUT, renoise only has one robotrobot, and that’s me. I’m robotrobot aka robotx2 aka newform and I love you all

edit aka CupofCloud (my aim and probably the most original screenname i use)

renoiserenoise, unfamous we are !!!

If anyone ever needs a name with some kind of meaning attached to it I have them.


That’s quite true…
Btw, why didn’t you just mention yourself Robot² ? Looks cooler, more scientific.
Or perhaps taking it one dimension further: Robot³

@danoise: We already have Renoise². We’re anticipating Renoise³

Suddenly, a forum spammer saw that, called himself renoise^3, and posted:

[center]Man just to let you know by messaging Aaron just randomly like that he prolly thinks your a twat… lol. I know if somene was like… “hey man do you know me?” I’d be like WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!! lol.

Just a thought.


Thanks for the sound advice and you’re right…but, have you seen his facebook? I’m not the only twat there. not that it justifies anything. But if he did hear about me then i would have posted that he heared about me, because that’s the kind of person I am. oh and by the way, now he has heard of my project name so I win. Now if I can only entertain him with a track I made…