Delay column and Rewire-d midi

(hlrf) #1

I think there’s a problem with delay column when it’s playing a Rewire-d instrument, please see the attached example.

There’re three tracks in the project which consist of rewired Bidule, rewired Live and a Renoise instrument. The two patterns of each track should be played identically in theory, first pattern employs delay column and the second uses Qx command, both delaying the G-4 note by 3/4 a line. Now, in my system Qx command works flawlessly, but the delay column not so much, with Bidule the G-4 is played without delay, and with Live the note is ignored completely.

Note that I have also tested with hardware midi gear and OSX’s virtual midi port, both work fine, therefore the issue is probablyonly with rewired midi. Didn’t use rewire much so I’m not sure how it was in older version.

(boonier) #2

Yeah I see this too. It is weird. Is this fixed? Although testing it does seem to be Live not responding to the notes, as playing an instrument through Bidule works fine

The midi output monitor says that the notes are being sent out.

Renoise 3.1/OSX 10.10.5

(k_amlie) #3

It seems to be a regression in Renoise 3.1. A workaround is to create a phrase for the instrument, and turn off pattern looping for the phrase. This restores the correct delay column behavior.

I tested this on Linux, where this bug affects all external MIDI (ALSA MIDI).