Delay Device Line Sync Device Parameters Not Accesible From Script

Hi there,

don’t know if this is maybe intended or just not possible, but I can’t access (read/write )the delay device parameters 7/8 from lua script even if line sync is enabled. Or have I missed something ?


Those parameters set the “regular” L/R delay times to the specified sync values. Basically they do what the “Set” buttons in the unsynced mode do.

ok, I recognized that, but as described above I can’t access (r/w) the “device parameter values” for 7/8 even if line-sync is enabled.
Shouldn’t this be possible ? Or can the device parameter values not be accessed directly for 7/8 ?

If they were even going to be accessible it would be when Line Sync in NOT enabled as they buttons are not even visible in that mode.

They have no data so when precisely do you expect to Read from them?

Writing to them, or rather activating them, would change the mS delay values to a number calculated from however many lines you have entered in the box. This should be easy enough to achieve with a few lines of code even if not possible to do through accessing these actual buttons themselves.

Yes, the buttons are not visible in that mode, but instead in that mode the sliders are off and values for 7/8 can be directly set or alternatively automation envelopes can be created for 7/8. And that means: in that mode I expected that scripts can read/write the parameter values like for every other decice parameter which is automatable. And normally I can r/w access all values which are automatable also via deviceparameter.value.

Delay is the only dsp device that seems to make a difference for 7/8 here, or just doesn’t work / has a bug (?)

BTW: the point is not that I need to calculate the delay values. It’s all about deviceparameter control via midi controller (Presonus FaderPort)

Ahh OK I thought Taktik was saying 7&8 were the buttons themselves, not the entry boxes.

Don’t have 2.6 in front of me and not had a chance to actually delve into scripting as of yet. The values do not match those you would use if changing values on the pattern editor though, which is a shame (which would be parameter 9&10.)

Actually does make sense. Those buttons would be 6&7 (which is actually skipped or so it seems) the value you would use in pattern editor or B and C (or 11
and 12.) As the LUA counts from 1 and Renoise Pattern Commands count from 0 you need to add one.

TL/DR try adjust parameters 12 & 13 rather than 7 & 8 ad see if that helps.

Interesting that the pattern editor indexes are different. Didn’t check out this.

When it comes to scripting we have the following indexes:

6 is definitely line-sync on/off. 7/8 are the entry boxes. 9/10 is L/R output pan.
The buttons are just a GUI-Element and not part of any device parameter object. ASFAIK they have no index at all.

And still is there the question Bug or not bug ?

“Sync L DelayTime, Sync R DelayTime (7/8)” do what happens when hitting the “set” buttons in the GUI with linesync disabled - or when automating the sync with pattern effects 06/07.
When linesync is enabled, then you can change the sync amount via the parameters “L Sync Time, R Sync Time (12/13)”.

So there are two pairs for the line sync, one when line sync is enabled, one when its disabled. Indeed a bit confusing, but I think we have to live with that now.

Which is basically what I had worked out and posted in my last post.

So 6&7 do work in pattern effects? Didn’t actually try but assumed they didn’t as they were the only ones that didn’t give the little command in the status bar at the bottom of the Renoise window when clicking on it to change.

Actually I’ve just tried and the x6xx & x7xx commands work different to pressing the Set button. The number afterwards is assumed to be the number in the value box. So to set the Delay in mS to 4 lines on left you would enter 1604 if it was first DSP in the chain. I would of thought a 1B04 plus a 16++ (either anything positive or above 7F for Active.) (May explain why it doesn’t show the instruction when pressing.)

In this way you would expect 7&8 to work in the API by setting the mS value automatically in non-sync mode.

7&8 are the entry boxes COUPLED with the SET button.

12&13 are the entry boxed in SYNC Enabled mode, as corroborated by Taktik. (Well actually the Sync boxes in both modes but only actually do anything in Sync Mode due to the way 7&8 appear to operate, if the Pattern Commands are anything to go by.)

Ok, thing is clarified now. Scripting access via 12/13 works. Scripting access via 7/8 doesn’t.
Thank you both !!