Delay Effects

I’m new to trackers. My first experience was with Sunvox about a month ago. I was impressed with renoise so I decided to get it. However, I really like the “echo” effect in sunvox and was wondering how I could imitate that sound in Renoise. As of right now I can’t even come close to it. Also if anyone would like to share their presets or show me where I could find some that would be awesome. Cause I am having trouble getting a decent sound using Renoise delay.

Have you tried the Multitap Device, instead of the basic Delay device? Check the presets, maybe that’s closer to what you’re after

Not familiar with the delay in Sunvox, but besides the multitap Denim mentions, there are tons of free delay vst’s to be found on the internets.

Thanks, I overlooked that one. I’ll have to spend some more time tinkering with it but I’m a little closer to that sound.

Yeah, sorry I was unable to find a clip that would just show the echo effect from Sunvox. I’m not really familiar with vst’s. I’ve been trying to find some good ones that are free for instruments not so much for effects though. Do you have less control with the effects when you use vst’s? as in if you want to change parameters for specific notes throughout the song. Do other people need to install the vst if I was to share a song in xrns format?

I advice you to install a few vst’s and check it out for yourself, piss easy, either add a vst effect to a track or in an instrument, whatever floats your boat. But yeah, if your aim is to share or collaborate with others, they would need the same vst’s installed to get the complete picture. It isn’t absolutely necessary though, you can still open a track even though you don’t have all the needed effects, Renoise will throw up a missing vst(i) notice.

I don’t understand what you mean with;

You can automate vst effects the same way you can native dsp, sometimes not all the parameters are forwarded to Renoise or awkwardly named, but these are rare cases. Again try for yourself and check the manual while at it to see how automation works.

Personally I like the free delay effects of this dude, his other effects and synths aren’t to shabby either;

the only shitty thing about the multitapdelay is that the delay time is not interpolated…so forget your tape style echo effects …
If you have reaktor …I made a delay that has been received verrypositive …IT’s a fuckin beastI tell ya

Try this:

i’ve been looking for a good freed dub-delay for some time now. thank you!

Sounds awesome. Watched the video but I am unable to get it running in renoise. I’m on a mac and downloaded the osx version. It never pops up under the plugin tab. Renoise rescans the vst folder. I have the same issue for several vst’s… some work just fine and others won’t appear. I tried the AU file but not sure where to put those so just sent it to the vst folder :rolleyes: I don’t know what an RTAS file is but do I need all these files to run it or just the vst? I guess I’m not installing them correctly.

RTAS is just ProTools’s plugin format, you don’t need it. I’m not on mac so unfortunately can’t help you there, but someone around here probably can.

vallhala freq echo altough verry nice …is just a delay +frequency shifter in the feedbcak loop …
Check out his other stuff …vallhala ‘ubermod’ that thing is absolutely gorgeous