Delay Envelope (Feedback Curve)

i’d like to control the feedback curve of the Delay. so in addition to setting the time it takes for the delay feedback to fade, i would like it to allow me to draw the curve along which the delay feedback fades out. so an envelope attached to the delay feedback.

current workaround: Key Tracker > LFO (custom, 1 shot) Reset > Hydra > Delay Feedback L+R
so it pushes the delay feedback up, thus allowing you to control the curve.

But isn’t that exactly what the Key Tracker device is made for?
Or do you want to be able to to set the delay have uneven feedback like 1st echo = 90%, 2nd=80%, 3rd=20%, 4th=10%? Because then you can set it up by sending the signal to a send track while keeping the source signal and then have a series of delay devices and send devices thusly:
Either way it seems like it is already possible.

rhowalt, I guess what you would like is a more complex multi-tap delay? I would actually prefer the devs working on new arranger et c instead of dsps which are already available in tons as vsts.

-1 from me.

@Gooze: what i’m talking about is when you set up a Delay with a feedback (L+R) of, say, 80, you’ll hear the repeating notes fade out, along a linear curve (i’m guessing). but i want it to be maybe a sloped curve, or a fast cutoff after, say, around a second, and then continuing with softer volume repeating notes after that.
i hope this is clear.
as i said in my first post, what i want is indeed already possible, through the use of the LFO. this works fine, and it might be better to leave it at that, because this may just be a too specific request for implementation. be that as it may, it is at least good to discuss it or think about it, so that is why i made this thread.
another possible method of achieving this is rendering a continuous, non-fading delay to a new sample and then automating the volume.

@Joel Johansson: i would love a multi-tap delay, and have already made a separate request for that some time ago. but this is a different request.
the ‘should something be implemented when there is already a VST doing what you want’-debate has been gone through before, and i disagree with you on this point, and that’s perfectly fine i think.

both of you thanks for replying anyway, nothing sucks as much as not getting any replies on a thread :)