Delay/Filter W Feedback


I’d like to build a DSP chain like this:

----> Filter -> Delay ------>  
 /|\ |  

So basically a delay with feedback, where each delay is filtered before fed back into the delay. It seems it’s not possible to have the send device send back to a device earlier in the channel, probably to avoid user generated feedback loops or for technical reasons. But is there another way?

I could stack a bunch of alternating filters and delays (actually that what I’ve done so far) but it starts to get cumbersome to change values in all delays or filters. This again could be solved with a hydra device, but a simple one-filter-one-delay setup would be much cleaner and easier to handle.

Any ideas?

Really, what would be nice is a filter on the delay effect itself. I usually will want to shape the sound of a delay somehow.


OR - and this would be sooooo nice - Renoise could mimic the design that Lexicon uses and allow the delay to include the effect(s) sitting behind it in the chain. So you might want to have a filter work progressively on each delay iteration, or maybe a reverb, or lofimat, or anything else.

Both are very good suggestions! But is something along those lines possible with the currently available tools?

Ooh this would be creamy :)

@ Atte: I don’t think it is currently possible for this kind of feedback through workarounds, use vst for it myself (ohmboys).

Ok, running under linux, so I guess the only solution for me is stack alternating filters and delays and control them with a couple of hydra :frowning: