Delay In %

What about making the delay value in % instead of ticks. then it could scale if you increase or even sometimes decrease the speed.

Now you would have to rewrite all the delay values of an entire song…

Or add a new kind of %delay value command…

yeah there should be an option to tie delay % to the track or not

I don’t get it: what should 100% represent?

if something is needed, I think that a BPM value swould be better

It would be great to be able to lock the lines value so delay changes with the speed. But without an offset (in millisecs perhaps) I wouldn’t find this useful. I almost always offset the left/right delays a bit to get a better stereo spread…

one line would be way too few.

One line can last for a fraction of second

You know that you can resync the delay steps according to the line settings using x5yy and x6yy commands for the delay plugin?
x501 would (re)set delay to one line for L-delay, x601 would (re)set delay one line for R-delay.
If you change the speed, use these two commands on the same row to resync the delays

suppose I want to have a delay of 2.5 rows, what should I do?

putting a new note each 2.5 rows just renders the delay DSP useless

:blink: sorry for misleading you but i would guess only you were talking about
delay command [0dxx], right?
please enlight me.

@topic: percent for delay? ill go with It-alien. if …, its should be choosable.

Thanks, I didn’t know that (or haven’t used it at least). :) When I change speeds, I usually right-drag the sliders to record new delay values in millisecs. Not as easy, but then I’m not limited to delay in lines.



well now I get what you mean, sorry…

I’m happy with the current 0Dxx usage, though, but this is of course personal

you’re right, there is not, but there is a rows setting on the right, and that is what misleaded me (and the others, I think)

Guest you were right…I´m was talking about the d0x command.

Ofcourse the downside is that % has less steps compared to 256.
But you could have some decimals to increase the amount of possible steps.

Then I think % is much better than a fixed value.