Delay On Record New Sample Function!

I tried making some vocal recordings directly into renoise with the “record new sample” function. But I get the vocal delayed in my headphones! Why is that?

Also get a strange kinda click sound and recording are not centered (don’t mean panning… don’t now the correct term for a recording thats below the middle line in both right and left channels )

The delay can be either configured in the audio preferences or in your ASIO driver configuration (audio latency) and well, if you want to lower the latency, you need to lower the buffers.
It is about finding balance between lowering the buffers enough that you won’t hear crackles but also have a decent latency.

DC Offset. It’s usually introduced when recording from an unbalanced input, or something that isn’t electrically grounded properly, etc. Maybe one of your audio connectors is faulty, or a lead is badly shielded, or you are recording from a cheap on-board sound card maybe?

There’s a tool in the Sample Editor to help fix samples which have a bad DC Offset:


Are you using any kind of USB or FireWire interface with an actual mic? Or just something like a generic desk mic?

If it’s the latter then the noise and other clicks and such are because of the sound card itself producing or receiving noise. These effects are especially bad on laptops.