Delay Precision

i know this is probably somewhat covered under the increased automation precision idea, but it might be interesting to implement separately: the built-in stereo delay effect would be twice as useful to me if there were a toggle to change the delay range to, say, 0-10ms… the increased precision in shorter delay times would make possible some neat parametric flanging/spatializing effects with automation.



Tried to find a free delay vst to see what you were talking about but I couldn’t find any with high resolution in the 0-10ms range.

It’s always fun to experiment with the extreme values of effects so to me it sounds like a great idea even if I have no idea what “parametric flanging/ spatializing” is. ;)

i guess “width” track’s option gives that small stereo delay… but imho it’s too small… anyway i sent few stereo expand conception to taktik ages ago, i think he will put his time into that some day. atm, you can use some free delays to get what you want… i use js’s pan delay… you can get it from some places like

thank you for the link… i’ll try out the js delay. if anybody’s familiar with squarepusher’s Feed Me Weird Things album, track 4 provides kind of an example of what i meant by “parametric flanging”… you could automate very small delay times to create that neat effect. like a flanger but manually controlled instead of LFO. also, small delays in different stereo channels can enhance a panning effect.