Delay Tracks In Milliseconds !


i often have the problem that my snare drums or other drums are not excact in time, so i need to delay them (or push them ahead)only 3-8 milliseconds for the right groove but the 0dxx is not fine enough !! why not have the possibility to delay or push ahead a whole track in milliseconds ???

I wonder how would it be possible that your drums/snares and only them are not in sync with your other tracks… are you using a VSTi? or maybe the samples you are using include an initial gap?

Anyway you can use the Delay DSP as below to delay a track for 8 ms (or any desired amount):

Don’t forget to enable Mute Src. at the bottom right.

Or, if you need a longer delay time than the built-in DSP will offer, try the Voxengo Sampledelay, I think it supports 1 to 99999 samples worth of delay

its because the attack from many sounds are not the same. sometimes you have to push the sound a little bit ahead to make a real good groove.(i make house music)

…nice idea to use the delay .-)

Now I understand why you needed the delay… In this case it’s also good to use the volume envelope in instrument editor if you’re using samples and reduce the attack to some extent that it doesn’t trigger harshly.

in this way maybe the attack is too smooth and the sound is useless.

use the sample editor (press F4) to modify (cut) the samples in order to achieve a consistent attack