hi, I’ve been using renoise for some months, and I really like it, but among other things that I still don’t know there’s one that really bothers me: I can manually set up the delay, ok, and I’m fine with the numericvalue, but what do the letters do o.O? Especially if I’m “live recording” the delay is usually made of letters+numbers.

Hi there,

you can find a complete list and explanation of the pattern and effect commands (letters+numbers ^_^ ) in the manual:


Regards, Chris

It’s hexadecimal. Instead of going 8 9 10, it goes 8 9 a b c d e f. This gets you 256 possible values with only 2 digits. 80 delay would be half a line, 40 1/4 a line, c0 would be 3/4 into a line.

oook, thanks both of you B)

:lol:/> this is so natural to me, didn’t even think that could be cumbersome to someone…