Delete Muted Tracks!


I’m really longing for this feature! Manually finding those notes from tracks I have muted and then deleting them is starting to drive me crazy! :panic: Especially when you use loads of tracks on your songs like me it can take A LOT of time to find and delete notes that you don’t want!

I can’t be the only one who is annoyed by this! And I aslo don’t believe it would be very hard to code. PLEASE consider this feature!



I’m sorry, I frased my question badly!

What I would need, is an option to delete CONTENT from tracks that are muted in a PATTERN. Not the track itself, and only from the current pattern.

The reason for this is my style of working:

I like to use many tracks (I put every instrument and sample on its own track) and the songs are quite complex. When I want to make changes to the song, I start by muting and soloing channels to hear what elements I will keep and what elements I will remove for the next part. It’s also a great source of inspiration for me to do this.

But then when I have decided, I have to find the tracks that are muted between the non-muted tracks (and there are MANY tracks), then carefully select the content in the track and hit delete. Then I have to do this again for the next muted track. It takes a lot of effort! Also errors like deleting the wrong thing are quite easy to make. It’s very frustrating, especially when all of this could be done SO EASILY with one button in advanced edit! Please think about this!

I understand your point… there is one way to bring at least some structure in your track-handling and that is by e.g. dragging all the muted tracks to one spot, this would already narrow down your search-time because you know where they are, either at the complete right or at the complete left of your pattern.
This would also make it easier to select content in more muted tracks at the same time because there are no unmuted tracks in between that have stuff you don’t want to have deleted.
There are a lot of extra’s the advanced edit could use including a scripting zone for complete custom script application (which could already sort out any personal extra advanced edit wishes for so many people).

Thank’s for the reply!

I think the problem with moving muted tracks together like you suggested is that the tracks that need to be muted are everytime different. In some pattern I want to remove notes from tracks 1,7,34 and 41 and in another pattern I might want to remove notes from patterns 10,15,27,34,35 for example. I would have to do an awfull lot of dragging every time then and would eventually become very confused where to find which instrument. At the moment my tracks are organised “in order of appearance” so that on the left I have the instruments that you hear first in the song. I wouldn’t really want to change this way.

I’m very curious about other peoples workflow! Do you also find yourself searching for the tracks that you have muted and deleting the content or do you have a different approach for song designing? Am I the only one who feels that this would be a very important feature?

I personally mute tracks to give my CPU some breathing space so i don’t have an overload of VSTI’s running simultaneously. This is in general, sometimes i solo a track to pinpoint focus on working on one instrument.
but i usually don’t mute tracks because it may contain stuff that would not belong in the song speaking in terms of musical quality. If you mute a lot of tracks in various patterns it gives me an idea that your inspiration lacks conclusive feeds so that you randomly add objects to your song in the hope it might fit.

It might be better to do some jamming instead and try if you can work out some idea live instead of adding it right away and look later if it still fits.

Removing things is only for if it the used elements are required to appear prominently in the song but overcrowd it because there are too many of them.
Other tricks to use instead of removing them is to mix them away to the background, in that case they keep the song vivid yet do not appear too present.

Thank you for your replys, I really appreciate your opinions!

I don’t want to be a pain in the ass, but even though automation of the channel volumes is a very good idea, it’s not as simple as “delete muted” in advanced edit would be.

There are many reasons why it’s (in some cases) better to clear the notes from the track completely, like when you want to program a whole new melody but with the SAME instrument. It can also get a bit confusing with automation if you have to use it all the time. When deleting the notes, things stay easy to understand and view.

Would this be very hard to implement? I’m not a coder so I don’t really have an idea how difficult it could be, but please you people who know more about getting your hands dirty with code let me know!

I’m really looking forward for this arranger that keeps coming up all the time in these feature suggestions! :dribble: Can you tell me what’s the latest news about it? Is there any hope to see it ie. before next summer?