Delete Unused Samples

I noticed that 2.0RC1 implements lots of neat fixes to things that have bugged me but it never occurred to me that I could write a suggestion.

Here’s one thing that’s still left:
I often have to manually delete all the samples from a drumkit when I’ve only used a couple, in order ot reduce file size.

A ‘delete unused samples’ feature would fix this.
It would work similar to deleting unused instruments, only this button would delete unused samples from multi-sample instruments as well.
Perhaps it could be activated from a right-click menu on an instrument as well, to make it operate on a single instrument as opposed to the entire song.

yeah, I have always been a fan of this missing feature :)


A keep samples on disc would almost be even better imo but both would be good.

When working with really large samples banks file size quickly becomes very big.

Well, yes. Old trackers had a SONG format that kept all the samples on the disks, as opposed to MODULES who kept samples within the file. The problem is that you have to keep all names/paths etc intact and when you load a sample and edit it, you have to save it in a proper place with a proper name etc etc.

The only time I worry about filesize is when I work off a USB stick, cause it takes forever to save even a 1 meg file.