Delete Unused Tracks

Just a little nice add for Renoise. The track would be deleted if there are no notes or commands and even if there are effects assigned to the track. This would help with larger projects you have been working on for a longer perioid of time.

more advanced song cleanup options +1

I’ve never add a track to a song unless I’d need it, and I immediately delete any track that I find of no further use…

“Delete Unused Tracks” sounds useless to me, but might be useful to some I admit.…5&hl=unused

Yeah I have suggested this a couple of times before. Would be very handy.

Ashkan Asgary… I am jealous of your super clean working style! I try to be clean, but when I am in the zone, things get very messy very quickly.

I guess lots of people are the same!

So yeah…


This is a script that could be written in 20 minutes…

I unfortunately don’t have 20 minutes to spare at this time.

An exercise for the reader? Either that or i’ll do this later this censored

Ok, the script is done: