nothing here

Haha, why worst? Music is music, there’s always some place where’d be fit in. Unless it’s real talentless crap, and this isn’t.

You know what? In the beginning I dreamt of playing “the last ninja” (or something similliar) in a modern version with 3d crap and such…it’d fit right in. Just also remembered when I began making music, my friends told me…like “ok, it bangs, but this is the kind of stuff I’d love for a computer game”. So no disco rocker, but still interesting stuff. Maybe it’s like all those computer games left more traces in the childhood than disco stuff. Kids aren’t allowed to the disco. But dream of karate.

Yah, this is fun. A bit more bright sounding elements missing maybe, and less cheesy 80s drums action. Sell it to some karate training merchandise company. As there probably won’t be any games like “the last ninja” anymore nowadays.

When reading thread title I thought…ooooh, mad distorted mayhem with effects simulating bad voices in my head…this isn’t hell at all, it’s just basics from the dawn of some experiences some of us had in childhood. You won’t be able to sell it to groovy audience, though. But this has it’s place, definately.

Hey thanks. glad you found something enjoyable in it. It was meant to be a soundset for future 80s ballads, but is not nice enough.

you ain´t seen nothin yet

? Haha ok, I think I better remove it since this will lead into strange discussions.