Deleting an Individual Column

So I figure this probably qualifies as a beginner question and I’ll keep it brief: is there anyway of deleting a column as part of a track? The attached image shows that I am using the second column of a track for the notes I desire to use - this is because I was using two basses simultaneously and got fed up of the one in the first column. Do I simply have to go through the entire track and shift the notes from the second column over to the first column in order to save space?

The issue-depicting image:

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Pretty sure there is a Tool for this somewhere but it’s not possible natively…

I found a tool that should work but is incompatible with my copy of Renoise for some reason. So alternatively, any way of deleting a column that is not the last in the track? I’m beginning to lose hope but it’s not a big deal.

Drag mouse over unwanted data, press ctrl-x. Repeat for each pattern.

I got that bit dude - everything in that column has long since been removed - I was just curious to know if there was an option to remove the first column (in a series of columns within the one track).

I would also be interested in that, since I would like to incorporate this into my “Split into separate tracks” tool!

The Advanced Edit panel should simplify this process quite a lot. If you want to remove the whole first column then first you should select the “Column in Song” radio button. Then copy all the data in the second column in song and paste it to the first one. After that you’re good to remove the second column.