Deleting Notes Is Acting Weird (Windows)

Whenever I delete a note, it deletes one line instead of just deleting said note. So whenever I want to delete a note, all the notes below selected note move one line up. It works as it should when I press Control + X, but I prefer to use Backspace instead. Renoise also doesn’t act like this when I use it on Mac.

I do apologize if my wording is a bit off, but I haven’t slept in a while so my weird may be a bit English.

you use backspace and it works in renoise just as it does in typing, which is logical. you can set up backspace to act like the delete button does in the key config. i don’t have a mac so i don’t know why it does act differently there. ):

try using delete or ctrl-x.

Could you tell me how I can configure the Backspace-button to work as the Delete-button?

i could give you a better description if i had renoise infront of me but i’m at work right now.

but anyway: you open up preferences (ctrl + ,) and go to the shortcut tab there. then there should go to something like pattern editor > insert /delete by using the plus buttons (i think)

once there you want to change so that “Delete Current Note or Effect” has backspace intead of the delete button.

now, this will conflict with “Delete Current Row” so you might have to remove backspace from that first (you might get a question about that… don’t remember exactly). but you should bind “Delete Current Row” to something else imo since it’s a pretty nice thing to use! (=


i hope that helps!

Thanks a lot! :)

np, have fun! (=

Backspace takes out a line, but the ‘Del’ key just takes out whatever the cursor is on.